Falls Favorite “FASHIONISTA’ Creme Lipstick

This deep plum is a great way to start the new season. It goes on as a smooth matte finish with high pigment. For a sheen , Fashionista can be paired with ‘Sin Liquid ‘ lips or ‘Attitude Liquid’ lips for a pink undertone. Don’t forget two tone lips are also in this fall!

See How Often Tashara charges her look

This week Tashara has a full head “Sewn In Weave”. Her hair is braided to create a base to sew the extension onto. Clients hair must be at least 1 inch long. This application can last up to 3 months.All of her natural hair is covered by the weave so any color or texture extensions can be used.


Tashara Does It Again


What’s Hot For Fall In Make-UP

NEW for Fall 2012 !!”Rose Lines” offers a quick and easy way to get a kissed by the sun glow, a dewy hydrated cheek and a touch of rouge all in one! Each line represents a different aspect of cheek wear that can either be applied individually or all together for a flawless look.
– Also comes in Peach Lines and Tan Lines!

Complimentary Trial Make Up

Generally, we take pride in our ability to not be sucked into buying makeup just because of a pretty package. After all, just because your mascara comes in a fancy gold tube doesn’t mean it won’t flake off by lunch time! When you try our new exclusive Nolla makeup line  all that will go out   the window. The line is filled with lip glosses in all shades of reds and pinks, and bold shadow pencils, but we especially love our Super silky eyeshadows . Pick 4 of your favorite shades and create your own palate.

For  a new cool-weather look, one of the trends we’re dying to rock this fall is deep purple lipstick!  Stop in and get a Complimentary Trial and experience all the new shades Nolla has to offer.




Rain Rain Go Away! The humidity is killing us. For those of us with  poofy, frizzy hair–try one of our still ever so popular Keratin Straighteners,there are different strengths for different hair types . These treatments cut down your blow out time in half and creates sleek silky straight hair. The option to create a curly look still exists you just end up with a more manageble frizz free gorgeous curl.The treatments last up to 4 months and hair gradually returns to its natural state.

Our newest Keratin Express process takes only 1 hour and lasts up to 6 weeks . its a great way to introduce your hair to the service before getting the longer lasting treatments or perfect if you are going away and want short term manageability.

Still unsure as to chemically straightening your hair ? Try some of our exclusive Nolla Haircare products.

For daily maintenance start your day with our moisturizing shampoo ‘Allevare’ and its counterprt conditioner ‘Vita

Our ‘Cremosa’ breaks down your natural thick unruly hair to a manageble silky texture adding loads of shine.Applied on wet hair.

‘Brillante’ are drops that can be added to hair once it is dry creating a super shine and it illiminates frizz.

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang

Bangs are definitely  having a moment right now and you should consider getting some of our own!

To get bangs or not to get bangs? Isn’t that always the big hairstyle question? Bangs can add an instant cool factor to your look — that is if they are cut to flatter your face shape.

Bangs can become an optical illusion to trick the eye into seeing the face as more oval-shaped.

Not sure if your face is round, oval, square, or heart-shaped? We’ll help you figure it out then decide which type of fringe is the most flattering for you .

FACE SHAPE: ROUND  Best bangs for you: A long, angular, side-swept bang “If you’re trying to create an oval, then a round face just needs to be elongated, so you certainly wouldn’t want to put straight across bangs on the widest part of a round face. Any kind of fringe that cuts a third of the roundness off to create that oval shape works, therefore “a long, swept across bang is good for a round face shape.”

FACE SHAPE: SQUARE   Best bangs for you: Full, blunt fringe .Square-shapes can definitely wear a full fringe, , however, they can’t be cut too far towards the outer edge of the eyes — they have to be kept narrower in the center. In addition, try adding layers that hit below your chin to enhance or adding a reasonable amount of volume on the top of your head — both tricks will help elongate your face.

FACE SHAPE: OVAL Best bangs for you: Any style .Oval-shapes can pretty much wear any type of fringe (lucky you) because it’s the most balanced of the face shapes. If your face is more oblong though, then you should try a wide bang because it will give the eye area a sense of width, which stretches it back into an oval.

FACE SHAPE: HEART Best bangs for you: Long fringe that hits below the chin “No wide bangs on a heart-shaped face because you’re going to draw attention to the widest part of the head, Instead opt for a long fringe, something down below the chin. If the point of interest in your haircut is below your chin, then ultimately you’re going to pull the eye line down creating a sense of length in the face.”

A New Fall French Manicure

A metallic shade. “A touch of gold or silver across the tip almost looks like jewelry,”  Nails are polished with a dark purple and gilded tips . OPI’s latest fall colors.

Feeling A Little Shady? OMBRE’ The Latest Trend


Ombre’ Shades Of Color
 Ombre! The French-termed hair trend features darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends. It’s been spotted on plenty of A-list celebs: Chanel Iman, Jennifer Hudson, Naomi Campbell, Raven Simone Finally, a trend that doesn’t require a busy girl to run to the salon every 8-12 weeks for a touch-up.
Some say this style of coloring really became more popular when pop princess Nicki Minaj began rocking colored wigs that lent hues of purple to pink, lime green to blonde, and even royal blue faded to a touch of blonde on the ends.
For us everyday fashionistas a variety of colors can be chosen, from soft blondes or for those of you more daring ,shades of bold reds and pinks are whats hot!
Not interested in a whole head come in and add a streak or two of your favorite shade.</p>

Tashara’s Look Of The Week

Tashara one of newest junior stylist who likes to change her look as often as most of us change our clothing.Each week Tashara arrives to work with a different hairstyle. Different in length and in color. She achieves this by using Human Hair Extensions. Tashara has training in all different methods of applying the Extensions.In this photo Tashara used what is called  “The Crochet Weave”. Individual human hair extensions are attached to natural hair using a crochet needle. The extension is attached creating thicker, longer hair. There is no pain, no sewing needles and no thread as in past methods.Stay tuned for next weeks look…….

Hair Extensions have become more popular than ever. Other types of extensions include tape ins which last for weeks or clip ins which can be worn for that one special occasion.