Raising Brows: Wax, Thread, or Tweeze?

Eyebrow Shaping

Properly groomed, eyebrows hold more power and visual impact on overall facial appearance than any other singular feature. Under our own professional hands your own brows can be restructured to lend the correct definition and strength to your face. Book an appointment to discover the potential in your existing shape and create the ideal brows you were always meant to have. Starting with an in-depth personal consultation regarding your unique facial features and eyebrow’s natural hair growth pattern, we proceed to customize a brow design perfectly suited to frame your eyes. Through a detailed and precise sculpting process of the method of your choice , your eyebrows will be crafted to ultimate perfection – Reserve your experience today.

We at De Franco Spagnolo Salon & Day Spa offer a variety of techniques based on each individuals needs and skin type.


  Each hair is individually pulled out guarantying  a clean, shapely arch. tweezing lasts the least amount of time depending on your hair growth approxitmitly 3-7 days.



  Waxing is the most common technique used in our salons. It involves hot wax being spread on hairs outside the shape of the eyebrow, and then being pulled out quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. We use a green wax that contains an anti-inflammatory, which is actually gentler than the typical honey wax used by most regular salons.

While the waxing may seem painful at first, it becomes tolerable the more times it’s done.  The skin may become red or irritated, depending on the sensitivity of the skin, typically anywhere from an hour to a day.  Having your eyebrows waxed can provide lasting effects for anywhere from 2-8 weeks, depending on the hair growth. Waxing can assure an even shape and a template for you to maintain at home with the tweezers.



  This technique is an ancient form of  HYPERLINK “http://voices.yahoo.com/topic/8641/hair_removal.html” hair removal that uses only a strand of 100% cotton. This strand of cotton is twisted among multiple unwanted hairs at the same time and pulled, resulting in many hairs being pulled at once. The strand is used three to five times per brow to remove all hair.

This technique is the least painful, similar to tweezing. The amount of time these effects last is equal to waxing, which is 2-8 weeks depending on the growth of the hair. from. Threading is quick and almost painless in comparison to waxing, and is starting to grow increasingly popular in U.S. salons.



  With this technique, the aesthetician puts an electrical current into each hair follicle via a small needle. The electrical current zaps the hair and prevents it from growing back. Since hair follicles can only be destroyed at certain early stages. Therefore, it’s necessary for many electrolysis treatments to completely get rid of excess hair.

Since the brows are being pricked by needles, the pain factor is probably the most high out of tweezing or waxing, but taking aspirin before a session can help alleviate pain. Hair removal is permanent in this method due to the zapping of the hair follicles. Most eyebrows require 8-12 sessions to completely get rid of unwanted hair, and appointments need to be scheduled at least one or two weeks apart. While this method can be expensive and time consuming, it may be worth it to women who experience quick re-growth and want something permanent.


Customize your brows based on the

proportions of your face.


To balance the length of your face, avoid arches and stick to thick, straight-arched brows.


You have the opposite problem of a long face, so lengthen with thin brows that have higher arches.


To slim the middle region of your face, keep your brows medium-thick with an arched brow. “The trick here is to keep the brow ends long,” says Anastasia. “The longer brow creates a triangular symmetry between your brows and chin that gives the illusion of a heart shape.”


To widen an oval face, keep your brows shorter to create the appearance of larger cheeks.


This face shape can hold most brow styles except for straight brows.


Soften an angular face with naturally-shaped brows. Avoid dramatic arches or overly flat brows that can enhance a strong jawline.

Tinting Treatments 

If you want to bring out the true beauty of your face, consider eyebrow tinting.It makes a real difference in how you look. Are your eyebrows too light or too sparse? Do you just want a change? Eyebrow tinting will enhance the contour of your face. We use a semi-permanent dye treatment that takes about twenty minutes and lasts up to four weeks. At our salon, we tint them safely and organically with special vegetable-based tints. You can choose from several different shades that will complement your skin tone and the color of your eyes and hair.

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